To Enter the Current Juried Photo Competition:

1) Fill out the Registration Form  (Copy and Paste this into a Word document or into the body of your email) and email this form to us at    stackt@bellsouth.net             





email address________________________

Name of the Chasing The Light Competition Entering_______________________________

How did you hear about us?___________________________________________________

List of photos submitting - First five entries included in $25 Entry Fee:

1. Digital File Name_______________________________________


2.  Digital File Name_______________________________________


3. Digital File Name_________________________________________


4. Digital File Name_________________________________________


5. Digital File Name_________________________________________


Additional Photo Submissions (Optional) - $5 per Entry: 

6. Additional Digital File Names__(List each additional photo separately)___________

    Titles______(List each additional photo title separately)_________________________


2) Pay the Registration Fee through our secure payment gateway here:

3) Submit your photos. Photos should be sent as attachments when you email your registration form to: stackt@bellsouth.net

Make your photos 1200 pixels on the longest side and saved as a jpg at the "Highest Quality" setting.  Send your photos in your email as attachments. 

To make sure your image is identified as yours, with the image open select "SAVE AS" and insert your last name into the file name.  For example:  If your name is John Smith label your photo with your LAST NAME:  Smith_IMG_4068.jpg 

Make sure your name is in the Copyright field in the EXIF or metadata file to do this:

In Photoshop go to the top pull down menu, click on "File" and scroll down to "Info".  Insert your name into the Copyright Notice box.  To make sure your image is identified as yours, with the image open select "SAVE AS" and insert your last name into the file name.  For example:  Smith_IMG_4068.jpg  (as in John Smith).

Or photos on a CD and a check may be mailed to:
Chasing the Light
c/o Tom Stack & Associates, Inc.
154 Tequesta Street
Tavernier, FL 33070             Make check payable to: "Tom Stack & Associates, Inc."
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