Current Chasing The Light Juried Photo Competitions:

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1) The top five photographers will have their winning image prominently displayed on a email targeted to over 1,200 professional Photo Editors and Art Directors who are constantly looking for fresh and creative new imagery. These five photos will also be the FEATURED IMAGES on The Chasing Light Juried Photography website for the duration of the current contest. Jurors will award a First Place, Second Place, Third Place and two Honorable Mentions.

2) Jurors will also select twenty "Runners Up" whose work will be displayed online, along with photographer's contact email and website URL information, in the Themed Contest Gallery.

3) All requests for publication or prints will go DIRECTLY to the photographer as the photographer's name and URL will appear with the image description.

4) Copyright remains with the photographer.Artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant Chasing The Light Juried Photography (CTLJP) the right to use their images for the purpose of marketing the exhibition, marketing the CTLJP programs and subsequent display on the CTLJP website of past exhibitions without further contact or compensation from CTLJP.

5) Chasing The Light Juried Photography will provide photo publishing pricing  and usage rights guidelines, free of charge, to the five Winning photographers and the twenty Runners Up.


Competitions are open to all photographers, over 18 years of age, worldwide, amateur or professional. If you are younger than 18, a parent or guardian must make the submission for you.

All photos entered MUST have been taken by the person making the photo submission.

Photos submitted can be any size but no smaller than 1200 pixels on the longest side and saved as a jpg at the "Highest Quality" setting.  WE WOULD PREFER THAT YOU MAKE YOUR PHOTOS 1,200 PIXELS ON THE LONGEST SIDE AND SEND THEM AS ATTACHMENTS.

Make sure your name is in the Copyright field in the EXIF or metadata file:

In Photoshop go to the top pull down menu, click on "File" and scroll down to "Info".  Insert your name into the Copyright Notice box.  To make sure your image is identified as yours, with the image open select "SAVE AS" and insert your last name into the file name.  For example:  Smith_IMG_4068.jpg  (as in John Smith).

Instructions on how to upload or email the images are on the "ENTRY FORM" page.

To ENTER the contest click on "ENTRY FORM" at the top of this page or CLICK HERE.


Photographer Paul Marcellini says, " MY PHOTO sold for several thousand dollars for use  as the cover of a NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Grade 4 Science Textbook." 

Photographer Ron Wolf:  "MY PHOTO SOLD for use in the Sierra Club Engagement Calendar." Click here to see the photo.

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